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NYPL sells art to raise money for books, sort of

I rarely get my news, library or otherwise, from the Drudge Report. But when the headline blares NYC PUBLIC LIBRARY TO SELL ARTWORKS; MONEY FOR BOOKS… I just had to click that link. “We’re not a museum,” [NYPL president Paul…

librarians are cool about copyright … or aren’t they?

A quick back and forth over at Copyfight concerning the much touted NYPL Digital Archives. Taking images that are in the public domain, and then restricting their use … isn’t that sort of uncool, and unnecessary?

jeff tweedy + lawrence lessig @ the library

Jeff Tweedy [you know the guy from Wilco and Uncle Tupelo] and Lawrence Lessig [you know, the guy from The Future of Ideas and Free Culture] will be appearing at the New York Public Library on April 7th. Topic: Who…