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"Just the omission of Jane Austen's books alone would make a fairly good library out of a library that hadn't a book in it."

- Mark Twain

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Book robbery at Dawson Creek library. [thanks steven]

Dubya Bush's wife, as we all know, is a librarian. Now a Boston Globe columnist says Cheyney has the demeanor of "a librarian in need of a nap." [thanks sarah]

Molesting librarian stories are never this interesting in this country.

Sorry, you can't come in, the library is now full.


Can a Library be a Library Without Books? [thanks bex]

You may recognize the president's name at the American Newspaper Repository. [thanks andrea]

Wow! Check out this barn library. [thanks kristen]

"It's a given. All librarians want to own a bookstore" [thanks casey].


Quick, go bid on the bookmobile!

ALA2K in haiku.

Why this library is nothing more than a museum of books!!!

In Norway, they know the library is where it's at.

ASCII art librarian.


This is not your mother's library, you have to pick up after yourself.....

Two new features from the multiplex: Juice homepages of the week, and chat.

I think if I link to the Pernicious Librarian, he will be more inclined to update.

Dr Laura Rap now downloadable! [mp3 file]

"Isn't this an exciting opportunity to expand knowledge of English and at the same time satisfy curiosity?'' said the state's education minister. What is he talking about?


From now on, the phrase "speaks volumes" will be banned from further sanctioned headlines. Right after: Library pig's message speaks volumes. [thanks steven]

Libraries open till midnight after director spends 11 days in lead-lined room. Just read it. [thanks bruce]

Dave Davis [Fargo Public Library Director] worst handler of personnel ever? Maybe now he's done enough wrong so that he can be fired.

Please note, offering 500 books to patrons online is NOT the same as 24 hour access.


Surprise! The union's not sweet on the public-private partnership deal that SFPL is considering. [thanks andrea]

Inside the IRA library. [thanks max]

Princess works in library, does laundry, too! [thanks steven]


Four state library fundraisers resign en masse in Sydney.

Meanwhile, Louisiana's librarian is still getting the goods.

New, modern Clute library also doing okay.

Eugene is planning a new library -- everyone knows anarchists won't trash libraries, right?

Squirrely City of Columbus won't reveal architectural firms' names until after the library contract has been awarded.

You know that you have been dying to be a librarian in Eritrea. At least your Fulbright scholarship would go a long way..... [thanks ken]

More press releases masquerading as news: Books by chapter arrive on the Internet. [NYT login/pass: weblog/weblog]

Neat stuff found in Peoria library.

Some of these links brought to you by Bot007. Dumb name, cool headline searcher. [thanks tara]


You didn't forget about the mess in North Dakota, did you? What kind of a jerk to you have to be to not resign when the City of Fargo asks you to?

This is the last Harry Potter link in that doesn't also have to do with sex, anarchism or librarians. OK? [thanks steven]

RIP Neal Harlow, librarian & historian.

I read Library Juice end to end this week. You should too.


To celebrate Jessamyn West's birthday, I got a library card and took out two books.

So much in a URL....
[for those of you living under a rock, ff stands for "family friendly", allegedly].

Lingua Franca asks experts to recommend breakthrough books in their fields. [thanks geegaw]

Librarian puts eight year old boy to work to pay back library fines and starts huge child labor brouhaha.

GE CEO gets bigger advance for his book than the pope did, but I bet he has to buy his own clothes....


Bibliotherapy: "On one occasion somebody came in and said, 'I really enjoyed this book because it was about somebody more miserable than I was'" [thanks denise]

Do we all still love Judy Blume? An oldie but goodie about Harry Potter hysteria "At the rate we're going, I can imagine next year's headline: "Goodnight Moon' Banned for Encouraging Children to Communicate With Furniture." And we all know where that can lead, don't we?" [thanks leche]


Not a whole lot of content in Contentville. For example, check out the "Library" first chapters section. [thanks martha]

Street Librarian Chris Dodge talks about MSRRT and indie publishing.

Heh. Core values statement rejected by ALA Council.

Former librarian now a "book reveiwing machine."


Library Hotel to open in NYC. Guest rooms filled with books, mmmmmm. [thanks david]

Cop kicked out of Barnes and Noble for saying fuck during poetry reading, wacky bookstore capers ensue. [thanks chuck]

I love Captain Underpants. [thanks jen]


The Leaky Cauldron, A Harry Potter Weblog. [thanks iboy]

Impossibly high quorum still not met at semi-hidden location of ALA Membership II, duh!

16.8% of public libraries use filtering software on public terminals, and almost 95 percent of them have a formal Internet policy.

Entire US Census from 1790 to 1920 completely digitized, will be online this Fall. [thanks researchbuzz]


"...a story about the new, mousy librarians appearing in video games"? No. [thanks jim]

Harry Potter deliveries in Sierra Leone: "books are about dreams and memories. That's what this is really about, and I am happy for that" [thanks scott]

I think people are confused about MPAA ratings. Libraries lend R-rated films to kids [thanks amylinda]

Old British patent books surprisingly popular, librarian finds.

Somehow I missed this creepy ALA Planner for the current conference. Maybe it's because I'm not a member anymore?

Studs Terkel is a welcome change from Colin Powell, that's for sure.

Al Gore comes out in support of the American Worker.

ALA justifies spendng huge amounts of money on library PR, despite finding that people already love libraries.


Blah blah blah Potter, blah blah blah censorship, blah blah blah hockey?! [thanks michael]

Such stamina! Library patrons viewing porn for eight hours straight!

Some Librarians Busier Than Ever Thanks To Internet. [thanks doug]

Save the bookmobiles!

Librarians approve strike in Stark County Ohio.


An oldie but goodie -- Answer Person Q&A from Duke University. [thanks owen]

Golf club library. [thanks steven]

Did you know that Almond Roca was named by a librarian? [thanks amylinda] [thanks iboy]


Dear jessamyn

We have had a request to block some pictures that are listed as part of your directories at eskimo. You can see the list below. I draw your attention to Having quickly seen your site I wondered if you are aware of these?

Please let me know. I am intrigued!

Customer Support

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 06 July 2000 15:15
Subject: URL Submission - block

Someone who didn't enter their name requests that should be blocked...

Dear Lorraine,

yup, guess you'll have to block me.



The nice people at Intolerant Librarian sent me the link to their site.

Woo hoo! Alexandria library to reopen after 1,400 years. No chief librarian [interested?], only 400,000 books [they are asking for handouts] but what name recognition, huh? [thanks juanita]

Lavender Library, Archives and Cultural Exchange records and preserves Sacramento's gay history.

"Sir...? Sir.... you will need to wake up or I will give you a ticket"

Spokane Public Library selling some nice books to buy cases for nicer books.


"....imagine if your public library eventually became a kind of Napster for the literary set -- offering free, downloadable versions of all the hottest book releases, which you could trade with your friends, and carry around on your PDA" [thanks iboy]

I knew that ebooks were really just laptops turned sideways: glassbook.

Dystopian novel Handmaid's Tale banned again.

Cute cute cute 'brary blog. [thanks stephanie]


I am tired of Ask Jeeves, I am going to try Ask Jesus. [thanks rory]

But where can I surf for porn, if not in the library? Meet the Dot-Cum lounge. [thanks juanita]

Librarians add value. A look at Collaborative Digital Reference Service. [thanks again juanita]

First page of Harry Potter book leaked and online...!

Secrets of latest Harry Potter book revealed...!

Okay, those were jokes, but I do like this story about a girl who accidentally wound up with a copy a week early.


The Researching Librarian is a really nice concise site with good links for librarians doing research. [thanks kerry]

"The librarian emerges from the shadowed stalls of the library bathroom. He is slowly going mad. All he ever had was the library--his library. If he can't have it no one can." [thanks brian]

Please note that the writer making this comparison -- "If you've ever been on a college campus in the summer, you know it's as desolate as the library during the school year." -- is a sports writer. [thanks bill]

Barberton Public Library's history specialist set to "close the book on career", um, retire.

Australia confronts the issues of the ebook.

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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