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"When a book and a head collide and there is a hollow sound, is it always from the book?"

- Georg Lichtenberg

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Slashdot discussion on open source OPACs. [thanks iboy]

10 great places to say shhhh. Dorky USA Today misses the point about good reading rooms, but pulls up some good ones nonetheless.[thanks amylinda]

Teacher's union tells students to stay out of the library in Canton, OH.

special note

If you are a librarian [practicing, non-practicing, degreed, novice, whatever] and will be at Burning Man, please let me know.


Greeks, uncensored.

Lawlessness in Cincinnati Public Library - police can no longer patrol the stacks.

Nashua Public Library revokes mandatory filtering.


Dave Davis to Fargo PL: "Pay me to go away"

special note

It's that time of year again where I take to the roads and leave my poor laptop to starve for several weeks. Updates will be erratic at best until early September. In the meantime, catch up on your reading. Might I suggest:

My regular web pages may get updated a bit more frequently, in case you're curious what I'm up to. Keep sending links, please, I might get a chance to add 'em on.


More from Fargo. Dave Davis offers to quit.

Post office fires workers for refusing to cross picket line at OH library.

"Books are sacred," says city attorney Howard Wright explaining a new proposal to charge patrons with overdue items in municipal court.


African-American research library planned in Denver.

Louisville Free Public Library honors Thomas Fountain Blue the first librarian at the former Western Colored branch. In 1914, he was the only black librarian in the country at a library with an all-black staff.

Create Change is a site sponsored by research librarians & others to help "reclaim scholarly communication" and increase dissemination of scholarly works. [thanks juice]

joke, or is it? [repeat link from 14aug, new joke though]

A guy walks into a library and said, "Can I have a burger and fries?"

The librarian said, "Sorry, this is a library."

So the guy whispers, "Can I have a burger and fries?"


Book sales slower than sales of other, less-useful stuff, some book shop talk.

The British Library is destroying thousands of books! A look into their weeding process. [thanks meloni]

Here's a list of Health Programs and Services provided at public libraries. [thanks amylinda]

Postal workers in solidarity with library strikers! Some are, anyway.


The 50 most influential policy books of all time, from [thanks bird]

Teens want comfy libraries with snacks. [thanks steven]

"Lost Library" destroyed in Vesuvius explosion may be unearthed ""There are ... carbonised materials such as ropes, wood and fabrics, writing tablets, even grain stores. Who knows, the great library may well have been equally well preserved over 2,000 years . . . this is the Holy Grail of Latin scholars." [thanks victoria]

Hotsh ot anarchist librarian Daniel Tsang has some advice for the LAPD.


Lydia's Renegade Librarian has those links you love, and a special rants section. Plus, it's very lovely.

" Guess and chuck" search habits -- how to teach teens to use the Internet for research. [thanks jen, NYT pass weblog/weblog]

Please send your soup can labels to the Ames Public Library and help them get a new computer.

In Egypt, " a thousand workers were working 24 hours a day in two shifts to meet the construction deadline" Pyramids? No, the Alexandria Library. Please take the stupid poll while you're there. [thanks jen]

Libr arian responds to criticism over school media center book selection.


Boom! Exploding Dictionary.

How you get librarian jobs I: Temp job became 22-year career for librarian.

How you get librarian jobs II: LISJobs Professional Development newsletter.

I would really like to see the results of this Dr. Laura poll....where are they? [thanks andrew]

Ways to teach library scabs a lesson. "Call the library and reserve internet time. Don't show up for it. Call 2 minutes after your time has begun and say you're on the way. Repeat tomorrow." [thanks hillary]


Always remember, blame the librarian, an Art Buchald favorite. [thanks amylinda]

Email reference master link list. [thanks steven]

Save the reading room! [thanks steven]

The case of the missing book cart. [thanks jodie]

Library murder mystery novel, stabbed librarian and all!

USA Today maintains the illusion that information is hard to find and users are dumb "everyone has heard of the Dewey Decimal System for categorizing library books, but hardly anyone has heard of Boolean search operations for the Net, though dear old George Boole is now arguably a lot more useful to most of us than Melvil Dewey. "


On the topic of librarian-fetishists.

Dan Lester has a large librariana collection.

Steven Cohen of LISNews fame is starting his own little library weblog.

Futuristic sci-fi librarians. [thanks bill]

Constant Reader is a new weekly stop for me. I especially like the article about printing presses. [thanks chris]


"Bookmobile work is not for everyone. The simple lack of a bathroom on board has turned many away. But those who operate the bus love the work and the people and the camaraderie it affords them." on board the bookmobile for the Amish. [thanks steven]

"People use us heavily. Alto's a small town," she said. "We're about it as far as entertainment goes." Michigan libraries to close if tax levy doesn't pass.

Old and rare books in exotic languages in the Somogyi collection. [thanks booknotes]


"Hey, my friend's having a heart attack! No, I did not know I have thirty-five cents in overdue fines...." Library offers CPR kits to check out. [thanks steven]

Outdoor library with jellyproof books. [thanks mary ellen]

The library is too hot! The librarians are in sandals! Chaos!

Not safe if kids run in library.

Study shows acronym use by librarians "way the fuck out of hand" [thanks scott]


Baker & Taylor and Grace to CA Government "sorry for defrauding you." Please note: Any CA library that purchased books from Baker and Taylor between 1980 and 1993 can file a claim. [thanks amylinda & others]

Meanwhile in CA, no sweetheart deal for Friends and Foundation of the San Fran Public library. [thanks andrea]

St. Louis public library hosts the beer art exhibit. [thanks jen]


An interview with Ask Jeeves. [thanks martha]

Langston Hughes Library of child advocacy and non-violence. [thanks amylinda]

Library Juice has articles on the Canton OH library strike.

New news on the strike: "The library is paying Huffmaster [security forces] with money that would have been used to pay wages to the striking workers"

The new TOC for Progressive Librarian [and three good articles] is up.

600 hours of TV programming, $100 million dollars. Film library sold.

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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