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Cognotes asks librarians: Do librarians suck, like Dr. Laura says? Suprising results.

Slimy, furry, distinctly icky books. The attack of the awful mold!

Perhaps you need a more graphic introduction to the ravages of fungi and bookworms?


No racist gear, sez Toledo librarian.

My favorite book is Pinkwater's Alan Mendelsohn, Boy From Mars. Anyone who tells you that their favorite book is Moby Dick is lying.


ALA investments must be in line with ALA policies? Absurd!

A Barcalounger or I won't sign autographs: tips on getting authors to come to your library.

"Oh Say, Can We See? And See Also." trying to make cross-referencing remotely interesting.


Austin librarians say we don't want to help complete idiots find porno any more, please let them read the book.

Shel Silverstein dies, yet people still read his books. I heard the same was true for Walt Whitman...


Don't know HTML? Don't want to learn? Then the Librarian's Homepage Creator is for you.


How would you hide a bomb in your library? Disguise it as LCSH of course.

Howard Zinn? I loved that movie! Miscommunication in libraries.

Is freelance librarian an oxymoron?


Did I mention there is a new poll ... What do you think about ALA?

School librarian finds missing dogs thanks to pet psychic."She appears firmly attached to reality despite having spent 20 years reading make-believe to children as a school librarian"

6.23.99 tops 20,000 hits in two months!

Two words: robot librarian

More dejanews fun: while the dark angel librarian may be able to weaken resolve, can she also smite...?


Sandy Berman wins Sandy Berman award.

If I already had a map, I wouldn't need to find the map library now wouldn't I?

Fake Dreams: sex in the library

The freakily named s - m d @ has a good article on managing information in the fast lane, including discussion of the chameleon librarian profession.


How does your public library rate?

Check out Chapter 7 of this book for "anthropological studies of reference librarians"


Radical librarian Fay Aptheker, RIP

New Hawaii state librarian signs contract, farewell Bart Kane


Librarian calls teacher wetback. "This was not a racial incident" says Mr. Jackson with the nebulous title School Improvement Leader.


So your library wants a web site. Good questions to consider from Marylaine Block.

More obnoxious stereotyping from the BBC: "If anyone cannot hear the merits of Jimi Hendrix's music then what on earth are they doing in a job writing about music. They should go and be a librarian..."


Is your library Y2K compatible? An FAQ.

More at Library Juice's Y2K page.

And what's at


Geez, the Internet is so complicated, I don't know why we even bother sometimes.

On the simpler side -- story hour for grown-ups.

6.6.99 is taking a one week vacation while I go crew for the California AIDS ride. In the meantime, you can take the poll, check out some links or just send me some email.


A day of domain surfing. These domains are taken, don't even try:,,, However, none of them are currently hosted, so once they make domain squatting illegal....


You know how there are some patrons that just make you homicidal...?

This is my vote for Cool Library of the Week. I'm amazed that the hot titles page doesn't have Amazon links all over it. Nice job.

WA State stats!


Is Washington the only state you can't get library statistics for?

Daily News discusses Giuliani's proposed funding cuts for libraries: "If he bit the head off a live rat, maybe our mayor could have done something a little more disgusting this month"


Roundtable discussion on children's access to "adult" material in libraries from the Christian Science Monitor

Damn! The Carl B. Ylvisaker Library won cool library of the week again


New poll on intellectual freedom, this one will be up for two weeks because I will be on vacation.

I dare you to flash in the library [xxx site, click on "current dare"]

In the you-scratch-my-back-I'll-link-yours category, sensational librarian resource [with cat-heavy graphics] AcqWEB has started a weblog!

Ummmm, what is a weblog.

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"