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In the UK, librarians rank second for suicide rates among men aged 16-64, right after veterans and above dental practitioners, 230 suicides in five years!

Poet laureate is reelected [or whatever] now with three new 20K/year assistants.


We are everywhere: how many people work in libraries? Note scientific-sounding conclusion "Those figures still seem reasonable.".

ALA ensuring another year of royalty free publicity photos. Is anyone else a bit weirded out by the "Beyond Words" concept? Sounds too much like "Hey, we're not just about books! Give us some money, Microsoft!" Maybe it's just me.

Did you turn off your TV this week?


An Attempt To Explain Why You Need a Master's Degree to Be a Librarian by Katia & friends

Need an idea for a book display? Want to know when National Library Week is in 2004 [hint: you just missed it this year]. Peter Rabbit Turns 106? A Library Lovers Calendar

Peter McDonald in Progressive Librarian: Oppose corporate inroads in librarianship! Advice:

  • Be skeptical about fiscal and other "crises."
  • Develop alternative media options
  • Challenge the TINA ("there is no alternative") claim


Send a librarian postcard. Better yet, ask for better choices of librarian images.

Literary-style sex in a library story. "I have a fantasy, he says, of a librarian..." [if you don't like smutty librarian stories, try this]

How I became a librarian by Celia


one librarian's perspective on power, and why many of us don't call ourselves librarians

Librarian: an occupational outlook."Working with users under deadlines may be demanding and stressful. Selecting and ordering new materials can be stimulating and rewarding...."

Ack! Since when has the Tacoma Public Library been an Amazon associate. When you search the catalog, you can check a book out ... or buy it?! Hell. I guess this happened last year, why didn't anyone freak out? Amazon advice: "You'll Sell More Books ... if Your Visitors Know They're for Sale"


What I really learned in library school is the only librariana in my office.

The only newsgroup I can find with the word librarian is Sometimes I can find Does your ISP carry them? If not, there's DejaNews


But what is life like as a library administrator?

Who doesn't know how to spell library?


Librarians against Kosovo bombing.

Yahoo has a pretty new librarians category.

Know who Sanford Berman is? He's getting essentially canned from his job as one of the most revolutionary catalogers in this country. Read about it on Library Juice [scroll to item 16 thru 18] and then sign the petition to protest!

I get more hits from the bellydancing librarian than anyplace else. Of course, they all go straight to the naked librarian page and then they leave.

What is it about cats?

Why do all of these virtual reference desk pages have such lousy design? has great links but they're all way at the bottom of the page. I am looking for one where I don't have to scroll to get to the majority of the links. Berkeley has a good one but the annotations [useful for first time visitors, tiring for repeat offenders] make for long pages. Suggestions? Maybe I'll make one...


Colin Powell is speaking at the ALA's annual conference. Why? And how much is he getting paid? 70K?! Anarchist librarians [and others] are up in arms.

Librarians rule, ok?


I have no idea how I lived so long as a librarian w/o knowing about researchbuzz. The site has a regular ol' weblog as well as the more specialized ResearchBuzz itself which is all about Internet research.

For your next librarian movie party, be sure and check out Librarians in the Movies. I like category C: "No librarian or library is shown, only mentioned or referred to in passing." Can we say grasping at straws, people?


Today I hung out with a pal from library school and he's really into the library spot. For one stop reference, I'm partial to the links at the internet library for librarians despite the godforsaken java banner and insipid ads. Carnegie Mellon has another good list of online reference sources

Look where takes you...

fave URL this week, short on content tho'

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"