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"Jessamyn likes anarchism and sex, and anything relating to the image of librarians."

- Juice

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Libraries, still useful? [thanks david]

Filtering for schools? Let's just track their activities and expel them immediately! [thanks bill]

A pretty good looking eBook news source is over at eBookAd. None of the books I am looking for have been ebookized yet.... [thanks buzzy]

City Lights bookstore up for landmark status. [thanks jen]

Sandy Berman on KUCI "Subversity" show -- listen here. [juice]

Mmmmmm, macho librarians with guns. [juice]

Search engines working on that human touch. An article whose only purpose, besides hyping the companies mentioned, is to make the NYT show up in a keyword search on "anarchism."


It's gonna be called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, now get back to work.

Slow news week. Go back and read First Monday's library edition. [thanks iboy]

What do you read if you're a big car fiction fan? This reader's advisory page at MGPL can help you find out.

Dumb old Senate passes an amendment to the Labor appropriations bill "requiring that schools and libraries install filters to block Internet content that is 'inappropriate for minors.'" [thanks Andrew]

Meanwhile, librarian AJ Wright has put together the delightful Anaesthesia and Popular Culture collection. [thanks Brian]

An older and a newer perspective on digital libraries.


Thomas Jefferson's library divided all knowledge into three parts: memory, reason and imagination.

Libraries Graphics site shut down due to alleged copyright violations.

Sit down and eat your Internet, children in India need to pay to browse the web at school....

If poets wrote poems whose titles were anagrams of their names. I Will Alarm Islamic Owls by William Carlos Williams, and more!

King of Spain shown how to use a mouse by Librarian of Congress.

Diary of a library school undergrad. Simmons College, 1927.


Woohoo, Free Pint links Howdy Free Pint readers! [thanks marylaine]

In case you wanted to know more about the man that is Don Saklad. [thanks owen]

Power outage in the library! [thanks gerry]

"I like turmoil," the Sandpoint Middle School librarian says....

Braille version of new Harry Potter book rushed to shelves only weeks after the print version. Blind readers would have been able to get this book at the same time as their sighted counterparts but Scholastic wouldn't release any advanced copies. Way to go National Braille Press!

Planning a new university library in the information age.


DARE, the Dictionary of American Regional English, wants your help. Aren't you intrigued by the "things few people seem to know" section? [thanks eileen]

Mmmmmmm, library weblogs: [thanks owen]

Slow link day, here's an actual fact [don't try this at home...]:

Number of hits on Web searches for the phrase "pubic library":
AV = 370
Fast = 383
Google = 254
Lycos = 375
NL = 403
[thanks brian]

Library poetry, sorta. [thanks deb]

More long words, a visibleandvocallibrarians list.

I know these master plans are important.... but I always think the money or time could be spent buying books. [thanks peter]


The South Park Library, in the town that used to be called Library [thanks julie]

Bibliofuture is a site for info on electronic book readers and libraries. Not too much there now, but potentially a good source of info. [thanks troy]

Brumback Library, the first county library in the US. [thanks susan]

More librarians on WWTBAM.

Wow, as if Fargo hasn't had about trouble already: floods!


Dr Laura board game. Please direct your vitriol to Hasbro customer service


The school should "...equally support the student athlete and the student philosopher" says Washington University's Save Our University Library [SOUL] group in the face of proposed budget cuts.

Librarians & others head to DC to urge the copyright office to leave room for fair use.

Presidential library site in Little Rock -- Murky Bottoms -- still in dispute.

University of Iowa's new Center for the Book web page is a bit tough to use, but has a lot of good links on books and book arts. [booknotes]

ALA's top banned [or challenged] books of the decade. [lisnews]


When information is against the law. The Ecstasy Anti-Proliferation Act of 2000 [thanks Juanita]

Off topic: I am going to try to make a list of library systems that go APL, BPL, CPL.... but I was getting stuck near the end of the alphabet. It's not exactly a library, but you might like YPL. [thanks princess]

How nice, the New York Times has written a press release for Ebrary and Questia -- you could not have missed the article: The Library as the Latest Web Venture -- two sites with big promises and no actual content. Meanwhile, guess who's getting all those fine 30 cent an hour digitizing jobs? [please note new reader-friendly NYT URLs ]


Marylaine, interviewed in this month's Searcher magazine -- thanks for the plug!

There are some books that really should be ebooks: the Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats [thanks Cam]

LA Theater: "Harry Mendelssohn (Jason Alexander) is a technophobic librarian, recently fired, enraged over his boss' decision to do away with his beloved catalog-card filing system. Those durn computers! Taking over the planet! It just makes you want to strike back, to make a statement, preferably with dynamite. " [thanks MK]

Four years later, Sanger biography a focus of [yet another] library censorship debate. Here's the opinion of those who are claiming censorship.

Only town in the country named Library, changes its name to South Park. No, I am not kidding.


I always read the small print. I was walking home with my new Library of Congress stamps when I chanced to read the teeny commentary at the bottom: "This bicentennial recognizes all libraries and the vital role they play in advancing American creativity and liberty" What is that about? Grant stipulation?

Striking librarians! is in solidarity with the library workers of Bergen County -- my grandmother's library system for nearly fifty years.

Weird library news: auctioning off the library and Westlaw searches, in one article.


Oooooh, how space age. Xerox's web site about experiments in the future of reading is a big .... PowerPoint presentation! [thanks Chris]

An article on paired reading as an aid to literacy in Zaire.

A stripper living in the body of a librarian? A few minutes with Tawni O'Dell.

Another article on library confidentiality for teens in CA. [thanks Scott]


I went to the Brautigan Library this weekend.

John and Julie, two librarians in love travel to Alaska.

Another nutty idea about how to keep kids safe on the net that will never work: .xxx. [thanks Juanita]

Why do all these articles sound exactly the same? Trenton library one of many that is full of outdated books.


Need a new use for that old card catalog? Turn it into a party centerpiece. Disco lights optional. [thanks Sarah]

Teen privacy, good or bad? "The prospect of giving parents the right to monitor a teen's book selection seems intrusive, but when a parent wants to be involved, the system should help 'em out." is dedicated to tracking the ocurrence of the words "state of the art library" throughout North American media.


What they're reading in Qatar these days.[thanks Mark]

Marvel Comics Bad Guys: "I am the Bookworm! And mine is the power of the printed word!" [thanks Anirvan]


U Buffalo scores huge pulp fiction collection. [thanks Jen]

Not blind enough? lets you read books online. Real books you may have heard of. The catch, one more thing to register for, and ads on every page. [thanks Jen]

Anarchists with a Tool:The Library online at Progressive Librarian. [juice]

Hmm, I'm suspecting that library bond issues are going to be the new big cash cows of this century [remember baseball stadiums last century...? got yours yet?] Poor old San Francisco.


Welcome Yahoo readers! And congrats to James and Matthew's Library Underground for getting so famous so fast.

LU is where I found this: "Wandering in Cyberspace, I Found a Special Library Place..."

New Mary Baker Eddy library will "not be used to recruit new members" say Christian Scientists. [thanks Sarah]

Why aren't digital books catching on? My top 3 answers are: they still suck, we're all blind as bats already from reading too many websites, and they're too expensive to take in the tub.


Onion fun: "there was even a bunch of girls setting up a booth to protest some library user fee. Isn't that awesome?" [thanks jhobbs]

Fun scripts: "George Applebeam, a Milwaukee librarian, is convinced midgets want to kill him and has to go on the People's Court and assassinate Judge Wapner in order for the midgets to call off the hit on his life" [thanks Brian]

As my mother said "I should pay you to stay out of jail?" CA schools paying students to read.

AccessScience online science encyclopedia free for month of June [registration required]. [what's gnu]

Where have all the librarians gone? To better paying jobs. Duh.

Istook adds filtering clause to education appropriations bill.

Spooky old Time Warner launches online publishing venture iPublish. Website is, of course, not live yet.

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