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If you only ever read one book in your life, I highly recommend you keep your mouth shut.

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Hey, we made the papers in Australia!

And with that, the librarian is on the road again. En route to deliver dictionaries and encyclopediae to the word-starved lands of Vermont. Sporadic updates until early May. Stay tuned and thanks thanks thanks for all the email.


You know, I spoke to someone on the phone recently for an interview who had no idea that one of librarian's self-stereotypes is "practical". Evidently someone at the NY Times is aware of this... "Her manner has been described as that of a dominatrix, but with her practical cropped hair and glasses, she is more like a school librarian in a black leather coat...." Sigh. Whatever. [ thanks julie & ken ]

Please sweet jesus is there a Baker log yet? [ thanks kris ]

Virtual Tour, Utne Library. [ thanks chris ]

"Where today's well-read woman goes to have fun" The library! [ thanks lynne ]

A costumer discusses library research in a visual arts library. [ thanks jen ]

Library renovations in Los Angeles. Are they so wonderful they're worth naming the library after the mayor?


"Librarians are unsung heroes and saints" but you knew that, didn't you? [ thanks amylinda ]

NYC librarians receive 16% raise. Why so high? A strong union. Beware though, the city now has "the freedom to assign a newly promoted senior librarian to whatever library it wants" [ thanks suzanne ]

Tomas Tomas. A mexican library started with help from Tom Waits. Read more about Mexican libraries and "biblioteca cultists." [ thanks mk ]

Will someone please consider starting a Nicholson Baker log? Please? [ thanks jenny ]

First ever conference for Asian Pacific American librarians. [ thanks chisa ]

"Best Place to Call With Obscure Information Requests" Nice that the library got an award, but honestly, where else would you call? [ thanks naomi ]

Open Source Library Symposium next week in CT. [ thanks jude ]

Read or post library stories here. Another swell feature from rogue librarian Ca rrie Bickner.


Ah, librarian porn! [ thanks rebeccah ]

"What is a culture if the information that forms it never stands still?" an interesting look at the implications of ebooks. [ thanks jen ]

"Sturm has been known to ask branch librarians to gather political flyers and posters pasted to light poles." major Oakland historian/librarian retires. [ t hanks rteeter ]

A lovely family tradition, Book Night.

Please go read the Friday the 13th Manifesto, today if you can.


If you are trying to read while lying down, the ergonomy of a book will kill you! Font experiments.

CLIR talks about artifacts. They seem to conclude that old paper falls apart. Nicholson Baker thinks they are reactionari es. [ thanks steve ]

"Librarians don't get much bad press. They don't need it. The stereotypes surrounding the library profession are sufficient to do the bad job on them." an excerpt from the new monthly column Uncle Frank's Diary.


Naked librarians, naked in the library, what's the difference anyhow? [ thanks jack ]

Librarian changes to snarling dominatrix in latest teen gross out movie. [ thanks mk ]

Smartypants Nicholson Baker on the scene again knowing more than the librarians do. [ thanks amy ]

This happened a ways back but I missed it -- the Invisible Library moves to its own domain. [ thanks margie & chris ]

The first card catalog, of sorts. [ thanks victoria ]

Filters fail. N2H2's David Burt says the findings are flawed. Feelings?

Rare book missing from UT turns up at NY auction.

Mitch Freedman is running for ALA President. Library Juice did an interview with him.


Our favorite Street Librarian Chris Dodge now has a regular column in the Utne Reader.

This month's Utne also contains the very readable Confessions of a Bibliophile.

Laura Bush celebrates Library Week. Ms. Bush talks a lot about being read to be her mother, but oddly, doesn't mention reading to her children. [ thanks rebecca ]

Please note that I do not believe this makes her First Librarian.

The history of the Chronicle Cookbook.

Vermont librarian leaves money to town's readers.

Crazy library headline for the week: It's all pros, no cons with jail library. Get it?


A new issueof New Breed Librarian. Don't miss the interview with Jeffrey Zeldman.

US News & World Reports, top library schools. My alma mater is solidly at 18. [ thanks david ]

"some of the savings has come from eliminating law libraries, which are obsolete, thanks to online research..." huh? Margatet Littman can be emailed here. [ thanks chris ]

Mmmmm, First Monday, new issue. Including a profile on Vermont! [ thanks iboy ]

A local perspective on dealing with the new filtering initiative. [ thanks lynsey ]

"Several prominent scholars, including ... the former director of the NIH, are urging a boycott of scientific and scholarly journals that refuse to make articles accessible online -- free -- soon after their publication." Is this the good news or the bad news? [ thanks jen ]

National Poetry Month kicks off. Here's the Earlham bookstore top poetry picks. [ thanks david ]

Jack Colbert interviewed about his 3D Virtual Libraries project.

Paper Library. [ thanks iboy ]NYT user: librariansrule pass: yestheydo

Send a card for National Library Week. [ thanks robert ]

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