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"To be literate is to possess the cow of plenty."

-Motto of the Madras Library Association

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Librarian of Congress backpedals a bit on anti-digitizing "mindless futurist" comments.

Point/counterpoint on the future of libraries in an age of capuccino swilling I-want-it-now megastore-shopping book readers. Scroll down for a good story about books. [thanks Kristina!]

AR library looks to the future two years after tragic fire: "About all that was saved was the 3,000 volumes in the library's Arkansas genealogical collection and 'what was on the bookmobile and what was checked out at the time...'"

When you're faced with budget cuts ... pit the teachers against the librarians.

Or you could pit the authors against the librarians [in French] .... [Juice]

Indexing Anarchism: resources for an anarchist thesaurus. [Juice]

"Censorship of the Internet by governments is spreading and may become a threat to traditional media liberty"


Stupid library tricks.

High-bandwidth readers click here -- online occult rare book exhibit.

No Media Kings, a critique of media consolidation."I made this book. I made it because media monopolies scare me. You should make one too."

Robot Wisdom's Jorn has put together a comprehensive guide to online etexts.

Can you stand one more encyclopedia: On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.


Come on librarians, you know you've always wanted to index your entire CD collection. [genehack]

Despite all the nasty things the Librarian of Congress said about the Internet, they're still whoring for clicks. Note gender and racial makeup of current "Amazing Americans"

Manic librarian [not manis, they fixed that typo yet?]


If you're not already at the Library of Congress, you have missed its birthday party. [thanks Pamela]

If you are there, and you're trying to get any work done, expect crappy service... so maybe you should just chill and listen to the dulcet tones of Big Bird singing happy birthday.


Happy World Book and Copyright Day.


Okay, darnit, I'm working on the links page again. Send suggestions.

What Napster can teach us about document delivery -- how about docster? [thanks rcb]

More press reports on the Brown/Angelou thing. [thanks Derek]

Um... in answer to yesterday's question about the child molester, the answer is "Yes".


Tell me a bedtime story about the golden years of publishing... [thanks Michael]

Oh yeah, Canada's national librarian isn't a degreed librarian either. [thanks Nancy]

Karen Schneider talks sense about the Internet: "It's funny that people are concerned about being exposed to a naked body on the Internet, but they're not concerned about the ramifications of being exposed to this onslaught of commercialism from an early age and its impact on the value systems of children"

If a child molester steals a book from your library, do you then have to ban it?

special note is one year old today. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me out, sending great links and feedback, and assisting me with my potentially unhealthy library fascination that I suspect at least some of you share. You've given me an outlet for my obsession, and an excuse for my relentless looking-up. Here's to another good year!


Library Amnesty, today in Montreal! [thanks basementboy!]

Speaking of Canada -- I just checked out January Magazine, lots of neat book reviews and author interviews and no pesky ads. [thanks Linda!]

More in Fargo: a debate over who reprimands the library director, as the director prepares to try to take a medical leave....

Library lovin' Drew Carey will donate his winnings from Who Wants to Be A M***ionaire's celebrity week tournament to Ohio's libraries.

I love the librarian of Congress, even though he isn't a real librarian...

"So far, the Internet seems to be largely amplifying the worst features of television's preoccupation with sex and violence, semi-literate chatter, shortened attention spans, and near-total subservience to commercial marketing" and adding "You don't want to be one of those mindless futurists...who sit in front of a lonely screen." in his explanation of why LoC will not be digitzing books. [thanks mark!]

Only in California... speaking of non-librarians, how about Maya Angelou heading up the Oakland Library system? [thanks david!]

Speaking of government spooks -- CIA officials in demand for teaching classes on information management. [thanks jen!]


I go away for three days and the perfect link appears: book search by color.

SPL new library architect is now SPL award-winning architect! [thanks Jen!]

New OSHA outlook for librarians -- still grim. [thanks Scott!]

LIS Directory 2000 has a new URL.

Toronto libraries to begin filtering in children's sections of libraries. Note: this is from the country that will not let Fantagraphics import naughty comics.


100 year old savvy investor bequeaths $350,000 to library.

Touching obit for LAPL library assistant and "walking encyclopedia" Tom Owen.

Sweet bejesus! Ann Arbor Library raises fines fifteen cents. Alert the media!


I'm going to start a whole new category on my poor ignored links page for librarian weblogs. Here's another good one.

Scary library director in North Dakota comes under fire from employees.

Blame the victims. West VA librarians partially at fault for their own budget cut? [thanks Steve]

Wearable books still MIA. Edible books alive and kicking! [thanks Heather]

A very pretty poem about hummingbirds and [sort of] the library. [thanks Mark]


A very very new library weblog.

Another cool book-related weblog.

The town of Newberg may have a great library, but they might wanna fix their Yahoo entry....


Hum hum HUM. More racy librarian stories. [thanks Tammi!]


Yay librarians! EFF gives Pioneer Award to "librarians everywhere" [thanks Doug!]

Librarian solves the crime & uncovers that the state of Victoria hanged an innocent man -- in 1922.

Waitlist for new Harry Potter book tops 270 in Cincinnati.

Strip club owner/mogul donates a million dollars worth of stock to help rebuild Columbine library.

The Clinton Presidential Library saga continues....

Meanwhile, closer to home.... where are they going to put the Beacon Hill library now that it can't go on top of Wendy's house?


Library school. Information school. What does it matter as long as you're organized? Library school students find happiness in all kinds of jobs. Wanna talk about it? [thanks Scott & Kristina!]

Anarchist Librarians find happiness on the soccer field. [thanks Chuck!]

Mmmmmm, global public library.


Book junkies open library in their own garage.

"Maggie Vallazza is living every librarian's dream." after receiving beaucoup bucks from the Carnegie Corporation.

Greta Garbo's letters are about to be made available to the public at the Rosenbach Museum and Library

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