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"If Information is the currency of democracy, then libraries are the banks."

- Senator Wendell Ford

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Survey: The Image Of the Librarian. Please note that this is a survey. It is a 500K pdf document. You need to print it, fill it out, and mail it back at which point [I am guessing] some hapless public library volunteer [or library worker on some sort of grant?] will have to enter the data by hand into some sort of database for processing. While the questions are interesting, there is no reason this information could not have been collected via the same web page that it was announced on. I don't need the survey, that already tells me all I need to know about librarians

Happy Birthday Constant Reader!

Jennifer Lucas. Librarian. Showgirl.

Damn it, this was Library Lovers Month?!


New issue of the Marginal Librarian. Yay! I especially like My Life in Public Libraries.

Global Bizarre Fact Generator

"Dear slackers, you'll like it here. Love, The Library"

David Burt [now with N2H2] gets all freaky over Consumer Reports' finding that filters are flawed.


"Readers who write in their books are writers," says HJ Jackson, author of the new book Marginalia. Do you agree? [ NYT login: librariansrule pass: yestheydo ]

"My lungs collapsed. I had Gabriel Garcia Marquez standing in front of me and all I could say to him was, 'Your credit card has been declined.'"

Wanna-be librarian booked for bribery. "After learning that a library was going to open in Kawachinagano, Osaka Prefecture, in July next year, the woman reportedly posted a letter to the city's municipal office saying she wanted to be employed as a part-time librarian at the facility. With the letter she allegedly enclosed 50,000 yen in cash. " [ thanks heather ]

Utne Reader has a report from their librarian, Street Librarian, Chris Dodge. "...under Bermanís influence I grew from a lip-service liberal blue-collar egghead into an activist of sorts. Not to mention a librarian" gets all semantic on words like "given", "lent" and "read aloud" in the permissions granted for the free ebook version of Alice and Wonderland. [ lisnews ]


I am now officially Bloodhag's biggest fan. I saw them do a show at a weird drag queen bar last night. All of their songs are about 90 seconds long and are about science fiction authors. The lead singer has a chain wallet device with a book on it instead of a wallet. They all wear ties and nerd glasses. "Rock fans need to be smarter, and we're here to teach them" they say. More pictures, and maybe an interview, coming soon.

Thanks, Libraryplanet, for doing the right thing.

Fun map stuff from the Yale Cartographical library.

Who was surfing the Yale library site yesterday? Me. I came across this nice dissection of ALA's licensing terms, and unreasonableness of same.

55 libraries with the word Free in their titles.


Vatican librarian inducted as a cardinal. [ thanks barbara ]

Hissyfit: library annoyances. "The first time I went to the library here, no one bothered to tell me that you have to turn on the lights in the stacks. I sat there in the dark trying to read the titles and thinking to myself, 'damn, I'll have to remember to bring my flashlight next time!' "

Genoa [OH] librarian and two library board members resign over "personality conflicts"?

Presidential library humor. [ stuff ]


I would like to issue a personal apology to Daniel Chudnov, author of the superb Open Source Systems for Libraries web site. I had linked to Library Planet's open source list without realizing it was a direct rip off of Daniel's projects page. I mean, nice of them to credit him, but they just swiped the page wholesale. Comments can go to Library Planet at this address

Yes, I am aware my comment form seems to broken. Heads will roll. In the meantime, you can mail me at any address at

Can you say pseudodictionary three times fast? How about napsturbation? [ Juice ]


Fresh library haiku. [ thanks celia ]

Brand new library gets not-quite new librarian.

Library of the Year? Submit your nominations. gets mentioned in my alumni rag. Please note they were not called The ISchool when I was there.....

Even Consumer Reports finds fault with filters.


I know you've seen this before but it's apropos again: Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry. [ thanks celia ]

Rebuke has nice things to say about librarians. [ thanks deb ]

The Seattle librarian on Inside Edition who swapped places with the Vegas showgirl was NOT me. Anyone have a transcript handy?

Historical approach to some copyright issues. Is copyright about a system of incentives or a sacred national right? [ thanks margie ]

Boulder Library has unusual problem: too many books for the book sales. Solution: quit having the sale.

Librarians hold pajama party. No, it's not what you think. Nuts!

New rule: Manchestes wants their library director position to require an MLIS. What about the current director who doesn't have one?


I cannot stop laughing at the image of the BraryDog. I'm not even 100% sure what it does yet. [ thanks margie ]

Please do not miss the BraryDog rap.

Yay! Technology makes old scrolls readable. Now if they could only do the same thing for the New York Times.... [ thanks victoria ]

Questia press release masquerading as news. Free trial ends tomorrow. [ thanks naomi ]

I must say e-global library is a mouthful....

I pity the reporter who gets the spelling bee assignment.

Other professions also have a Right to Read statement.


More on publishers vs. libraries over at Slashdot. [ stuff ]

Got something to say to Pat Schroeder? [ thanks mary ]

Occupational Outlook Quarterly goes to the library: "Sorting data, finding answers, understanding what we need to know -- these professionals are on the cutting edge. They use technology to manage knowledge." [ thanks laura ]

Sanford Berman working for Street Newspaper subject heading. And winning? [ Juice ]

ALA advice on what to do about the Children's Internet Protection Act.

No more links today. I'm going to work on making the link page something to be proud of instead. Got anything you think I should add? Categories are: lib logs, current awareness, regular haunts, bored @ the refdesk, and look it up.


"We have a very serious issue with librarians..." Pat Schroeder tries to make publishers happy by pissing off librarians. [ thanks amylinda ]

Do you dream about libraries? Or librarians? [come on now, we know that you do....] Let The Shy Librarian know.

"In a perfect world," she says, "we never should have to do that. In a perfect world, people return books on time, and we never have to collect fines." a day in the life of a librarian.

Weeding metaphor taken too far? "In a small town in rural Wisconsin, hundreds of people and valuable works of art are being held captive in the basement of a public library."

Some links today courtesy of Researchville. [ thanks bob ]


Too bad [for me] that you probably have to be a librarian to win the 21st Century Librarian award. [ thanks sara ]

Not getting compensated enough at your library desk job? Become a CIO and rake in the big bucks. [ thanks jen ]

Yay computers! A Californian has been told he owes almost forty trillion dollars in library fines. [ thanks victoria ]

Library Futures has a free report about emerging technologies and how they will affect public libraries. [ thanks john ]



Please welcome New Breed Librarian to the alt.librarian family!

Library ratings, a good thing or a bad thing?

Another one of those library URL's :

The Lost Library of the Maya Itza


Hey guess what? I quit my job, which means I have a really unreasonable amount of time to work on this site, at least until I get another job. So, because I was caught up in the awards frenzy and have way too much good content, I'll give you something that new stats technology has just now recently enabled me to do:'s disturbing search requests!

please note: I have deleted the boring ones, the number to the left is just how many times these terms were searched for in the last eight days.

please also note: I am hoping to get listed on all webfiltering software at once, please submit this page to them.

6: look up my skirt
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Winners announced. Apparently the Internet community at large is more interested in the Internet community at large than in librarians. Can you blame them? Thanks everyone for voting.

An old but good list: "I would like for each of you to decide on a single book that you would most like for the world to read...."

"when in our time a library burns, its books suffer even more than the building does, but clay tablets survived the structure's ruin, for tablets largely bake brick-red to new durability. "

And now modern technology has allowed our dictionaries to have color pictures of diverticulosis. We've come a long way, baby!

Looking for another way to find something to read? Check out the Reader's Robot. Found via Library Planet's open source list.

Is it me or are the notes for The Librarians' Guide to Free Software totally dada?

Peer review time:, still wack., still keepin' it real.

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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