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welcome Librarian's Index readers! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been in Seattle protesting the WTO.


Comics librarian!

More library weblogs. Anyone speak Norwegian?, sucky place to work? Of course.


Follow this parent's logic: "The Columbine killers were into Wicca. Harry Potter is a wizard. Wizards practice witchcraft. Wiccans practice witchcraft, therefore . . ."

Does your library still call these people shut-ins?


New poll. As someone who has let my ALA membership lapse, I'm curious what other people think about it.

Need to track down your state library assocation's web page? Look no further.


I will read any weblog whose writer tells you to return your library books


Slow news week: librarian saves dog on cliff


Does this man really dress like a librarian? Someone thinks so. [NYTimes reg. required]

"Next time your library book runs overdue, watch out, robo-librarian could be on your trail. "

I thought Librarian Pic of the Month might have some saucy photos, but I was just spelling it wrong.

But at least I didn't go there looking for strippers...


Had enough of sexy kissing librarians yet? This one's named Natasha...

Meanwhile, grumpy Polish librarians are kissing no one.


Anyone who's anywhere near Seattle this weekend should check out the NW Bookfest


In this month's Eureka, Morris County librarians spell out the top ten reasons why you might not be able to find information on that company you're looking for.

Also this month in Marketing Library Services: In Crisis Is Opportunity: Making the Best of a Public Relations Problem, a good primer on how to deal with public relations debacles. Repeat after me "Librarians provide information, they do not censor it"

Looks like's site is up and running ... sloooowly. I got time out error messages searching for anarchism and for Microsoft. Check out the wealth of info on librarians.


Checked out a really interesting Masonic Library at the Museum of our National Heritage in Lexington MA the other day. Lots of old books on the histories, rituals and trappings of the Masons as well as other similar fraternal organizations.


Okay, we've got the smut out of our library, but what about the smut that's right outside...?


Whose fault is it that students are now doing research at B&N instead of the public library...? Perhaps the NYTimes, who publishes vague and unsubstantiated sentences such as "Libraries are sometimes staffed by unlicensed librarians, volunteer parents or occasionally no one." Could someone tell me what an unlicensed librarian is?

For fun or research: Ad*Access

Okay granted, I've been asleep at the wheel lately, but did everyone read the article in National Business Employment Weekly entitled "Demand for Librarians Hits an All-Time High"?


New topic for book banning: wizards

Automated Language Processing: putting librarians out of jobs, or making us all the more valuable?

LoC buying MLK papers

As many of you know, it is my not-so-secret dream to work in a VT library somewhere near my place eventually. Last week I went to the Goddard Library, a cute little library at a cute little hippie school down the street. I'm not sure what it was about the place, but I latched onto it immediately. Maybe it was the lack of signage, absence of any librarian presence, or the funky card catalog. I even met a systems librarian there [while searching for the reference librarian] who couldn't tell me where the videos were. Basically, I took it all in and said to myself "Gee, I could really turn this place into something nice." Wish me luck.


Also from LoC, nominate your favorite Federal Librarian of the year. Note attractive seemingly web-based fill-out-then-print form.

Hmmmm, keeping this updated is tougher than I though. May have a few viewer mail days coming up. Currently writing from the UVM library [that's University of VerMont?] in Burlington which is lovely. Make that lovely and a great score. Due to the card readers being broken on the copy machines, all copies at the library tonight are free. Free. No charge.

Also got a chance to check out my local-est library, the Blake Memorial Library in East Corinth [no web page] which has a suprising number of books by Jessamyn West which are all checked out. Can this be true? They are just going to an anonymous patron system where books will have your number written in the back card instead of your name. I applied for a number but had to wait for the librarian to be back, she only works M-W.


Guy who spends lots of time in library turns out to be crazed bomber. Did his librarian inform police about his "many projects"? Tough to tell.

Got Real Audio? Listen to Mo Rocca interview Ralph Whittington, LoC librarian and porn collector.

Speaking of LoC, their Center for the Book has a horkin' big list of reading promotion projects. Submit yours today.


Ooooooh, Library Public Enemy Number One! Thanks Fred


My experience today at the Kellogg-Hubbard library in Montpelier VT:

me: Hi, can I get a library card?
them: No

Now, they were very apologetic but apparently since I am not a resident of Washington County, and don't work here, I can't get a card at all, not for any amount of money. They did let me use their bathroom, and their Internet.

Have you listened to Bookworm?


Inappropriate intervention with video policy of Johnson County [KS] library by County Commission?

We thought we had enough trouble monitoring users' Internet usage...

Fall edition of MSSRT Newsletter out now.

Did you know about Yahoo's literary libraries category?

Recent library visit: Aldrich Public Library, Barre Vermont. They are moving down the street next week and automating their catalog at the same time.

Updates return to every few days since Internet access costs money by the minute in rural Vermont. Keep those links coming!


Ou est la bibliotheque? A library that straddles borders and cultures.


Politically Incorrect's Bill Maher discusses the librarian-pornographer axis, among other things.


Hennepin County has an online readers advisory database.

LJ editorial: "If your library is not "unsafe," it probably isn't doing its job"

ALA's References and User Services Association is looking for a new editor for their research journal.


Email: legitimate research tool or time-wasting computer-hogging albatross? One library in NJ grapples with this issue

Playboy in libraries, revisited.

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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