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Shut not your doors to me proud libraries,
For that which was lacking on all your well-fill'd shelves,
yet needed most, I bring, Forth from the war emerging, a book I have made,
The words of my book nothing, the drift of it every thing,
A book separate, not link'd with the rest nor felt by the intellect,
But you ye untold latencies will thrill to every page.

- Walt Whitman

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Why you should fall to your knees and worship Karen Schenider. "Call me a loser, but I've actually read the same book twice in the same week, just because I liked it, then took time to discuss it with friends." [NYT reg req.]

Marylaine's Halloween tip, give books instead of candy. "Try it yourself, why don't you? Lollipops don't last, except in the form of cavities. Books keep on giving. And the future of libraries depends on raising a new generation of readers"

Grubby, tongue-pierced librarians can now roam free at the Neenah Library. [thanks hillary]

Librarians Rule - I am wondering why and I are listed right under "Top 10 Signs You Librarian is a Sadomasochist"? [librarystuff]< P>
The above link also sent me to this lovely webcat demo.

"Sometimes," Cano said, "late night studying just doesn't pay." a library break in is an excuse for several bad puns at CNN. [thanks jen]


"The monument itself, designed by British sculptress Rachel Whiteread, is called the "Nameless Library," a concrete block that stands 32 feet by 23 feet and 12 feet high. The external surface shows shelves of books with their spines turned to the inside, enclosing an area made forever inaccessible by a permanently locked door.

"It,s about not being able to enter," said 37-year-old Whiteread. "It is an abstract library because you obviously can,t read the books and have no idea what the spines of the books might be.

It represents all the Jewish culture and learning which was lost forever in the Holocaust, Whiteread says. The empty space inside symbolizes the many readers of the library who did not live on, according to the jury who selected her design." [thanks jen]

Michael has been keeping track of his Patrons From Hell.

I don't know about other librarians, but I love laughing-gas-farting clowns. And Captain Underpants.

The article's called Internet Magic Has Its Dark Side and it's not about Harry Potter, amazing!

This has library in the URL.... I love Little Potato Man.

"Have you ever danced with the librarian in the bright moonlight?" and other phrases you might hear if your librarian was a celebrity.


I'm not sure how long Yahoo has had a Librarians: Activism category....

Lovely online book repair manual.

Found the above link on the Bookman's Journal.

Bookburning, categorized. [thanks steve]

Fargo Public Library is hiring.

"Do library schools stress information at the expense of stories?" a chance to share your opinions at the Chronicle of Higher Ed. You might want to read the original article first, written by professor [not librarian ] Wayne Wiegand. [thanks juanita]

The Land's End body scanner is coming ... to the Vancouver Public Library? [thank s jen]


Suite 101 has gone DDC, for all the good it's going to do them. New news on this company is "Oct 18: Price hit new 52-week low ($0.313)"

eBook award winners, sponsired by Microsoft, among others.

Kill a librarian, go to jail.


Just in time for Halloween, Bat Bites Sudent in Library. "When asked if the bats had seriously disrupted the sixth floor, a student worker in the library said "not really.... We just get the cranky girls saying 'Oh my God,'"

You still have three weeks to nominate a Librarian of the Year.

Librarian has made it on to a list of Eight Female Archetypes: "She won't scorn the hero's help, but she won't be relying on it, either. She is used to taking care of herself. She might have to swat a fe w of the unruly men with her umbrella to clear a path, but she'll find a way. "

Patron Saint of Libraries, also a hermit. Figures.

Rudolph Rocker, Anarchist Librarian.


There is one link today. It's long, and it's worth reading: Makng a novel is like making a golem.


Eeesh, I missed International School Librarian's Day, but send your school librarian a card a day or two late anyhow. [thanks martha]

Test driving encyclopdia CD-ROMs versus their online companions. [thanks matt]

Reader email "let's let Faxon--who gets 5% of the subscription fees, negotiate for us with the world's most expensive publisher" [thanks bill]

"Great opportunity" site new library on old asbestos site.


Columbus Library in big trouble, report states. Hmm, guess they'll need a new state of the art facility, huh?

Do you think the librarian can beat the hairdresser in the Ironman competition next weekend?

Librarian offers to temporarily fill vacant library director position at Belleville [IL] Public Library told "no thanks" Is it because he supports unions?

I hear librarians smoke pot. Close the doors forever. [stuff]

Congress debating filters again. ACLU says the proposal to require filters "fails to prepare our children to act responsibly as Internet citizens....Responsibility implies choice, but blocking removes all choice." Three cheers for VT Senator Leahy.

My dorky alma mater, from which I received an MLib. [that is NOT a typo] has now dropped the L word from its name.


Marisa Urgo has written a cool book called Developing Information Leaders: Harnessing the Talents of Generation X which discusses the disparity between old school and new school infotech professio nals. [full disclosure: I am interviewed for it, so are a zillion other people].


Updated the about page, in a rare fit of self-reflection.

Mark Rosenzweig discusses the ALA Core Values document, noting, among other things "It never once mentioned the word 'book'". [juice]

This "take back" phrase is getting a lot of play lately. The American Family Association wants you to take back your local library. From who? The ALA of course. Did you know that "Smut dealers used their local library to run a kiddie porn ring"? Sheesh, burn the place to the ground already.... [thanks naomi]

Oh yeah, and libraries are great places to start your cyberstalking career as well. Let's make them illegal. [thanks juanita] Gets Listed in ALA's top 10 Reference Sites [thanks scott]


Stupid Jeeves trick. Is Jeeves gay? [thanks david]

You have to see it to believe it. Virtual Libraries. From the founder "My latest build has working examples of the 4 major types of library catalogs (includes Ranganathan's "faceted" Colon Classification scheme). This is, of course, insanely boring for anyone but a librarian.... Right now I'm working on a ThesauroBot that could turn intensely interesting....." Contact Jack Colbert for more info. [thanks jack]

Have I mentioned yet that I think bonds and fundraising for new magnificent libraries will be this decade's boondoggle public-private-partnership swindle just like baseball stadiums were in the last decade?

Garrison Keillor: "A couple of weeks ago, a librarian wrote to complain about her husband's loud and drunken family, and it drew a number of librarian letters protesting that folks in the profession are not so obsessed about order and that some of them enjoy being loud and drunk, too"


Did you all catch the winners of the Foil the Filters contest? [thanks beth]

What to do if your rural community doesn't have access to a library? Vote in a new countywide library system!

Ask a stupid tries to stump ask Jeeves. [librarystuff]

Everyone knows that all libraries need to really bring in the patrons is a coffee counter.

HW Wilson seem to have given up on their Library News Flashes section some time ago.

I am fond of the librarian on the loose.

And I'm anxiously awaiting what will show up here. This one seems to be from the same folks, note typo.

While we're on the topic, blueroom a/d/i has registered


The Island of Lost Maps outlines one man's library map stealing crime spree. [thanks denise]

Parents protest Harry Potter but they don't protest real live tarantulas? No, you cannot check them out. [librarystuff]

It's not that Millionaire show, but LoC will now be giving away a million dollars too. Every year, though, not every week. Librarian of Congress says the prize will " bring some of the world's leading thinkers to the Library of Congress both to make greater use of the world's greatest collection of human knowledge and to make their wisdom continuously accessible to the world's most important lawmakers." How's that for hyperbole?


Give one library a stamp and they'll all want one. [thanks susan]

Hubba! LoC gets $60 million donation.

Super Searchers In The News, a new book about news librarians.

Librarian on that silly Millionaire show, again! The same librarian.

I have never been a groupie before, but the guys in Green Day tour [used to tour?] in a bookmobile! [librarystuff]


Prudence Cendoma has been working on a survey about Spanish subject access to information. You can read her preliminary results or take t he survey yourself.

Alicia Snee, music librarian.

Library cats are always good for a feature piece. This one has her own home page.

New issue of Information for Social Change online, focusing on librarians of color and combatting racism. [Juice]


The histories of Central Vermont libraries. has some well organized links which are unfortunately presented in a hierarchical list that you need to click down through. They have a good section on libraries as well as this section on banned books.

They also operate that allows you to comparison shop for new or used books. It converts currencies even. While I'm not terribly impressed with its coverage, it might be worth checking back in a f ew months.

NAFTA is sending Canadian librarians to the US!

Law library throwing out books -- are they obsolete?

Librarian sues village for not making the library accessible to her.

There's a new Freedom Forum library in Mali. I worked for six months at the FF library in Bucharest in 1995. It was actually the first place I ever saw a graphical browser. The library was run by an old-school woman who had been high in the party before the revolution and she ran the place with an iron fist. The "librarian" was actually another party hack who used to surf the Internet over the $7/minute connection and would n't let people take out books. The press release here doesn't mention that the FF libraries are primarily funded by Gannet and [when I was there] had shelves completely full of Al Neuharth's biography.

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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