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"At the beginning of the 21st century there are more public libraries in the United States than McDonald's restaurants." - American Studies

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Will someone be able to look up my skirt through the glass floors of Seattle's new public library? No.

Greenville library directory resigns over -- guess what? -- people viewing Internet porn in the library.


A neat backgrounder on presidential libraries. They're not just monuments to mammoth egos!

Reading is bad for your health.

From the pages of Owen Massey comes the page Maths for Librarians and its companion Physics for Librarians.

Dogs Are More Fun than Computers: Seven Random Observations about Information Technology in Higher Education.


What is it about people and nakedness at the library? [warning: nakedness!]

Cincinnatti's public libary -- long a favorite of mine -- explains how it came to be so badass.


RTFM: A guide to online research.

JFK Library foundation sells rights to make Kennedy action figures.

Who writes these insane headlines? High rent forces skyway library to skip to last chapter

Library fight!


Welcome Wired readers!

Some things never change...porno in the library still a problem. The librarian notes: "when a man doing patent research sends me a note saying the gentleman next to him is distracting him because he's watching bestiality, I draw the line"

I posted the rules of my job over at The Fray. [note: I am the librarian, not the exotic dancer, sorry]


Some libraries begin using so-called "smart cards" to determine who gets how much access to the Internet. Even with these cards set to "full access" some sites are filtered out.

I found a great teeny library yesterday. It's called the Roy Webb Library and it is a subscriber-only library that somehow manages to exist on the UW campus. The web site is still formative but worth a link and a note.

Freed Chinese librarian becomes US citizen.

Man visits library, learns to rob banks. [lisnews]


Stephanie Girardi, librarian, makes us proud when she becomes the first woman "in the world" to win $500,000 playing "Who Wants to be a Millionaire!" As Regis says on national television, "What can we say? Librarians rule!" [thanks Amy!]

Library of Congress celebrates disgusting unhealthy food product created by union-bashing company: "The ... selection will be in the same library that houses the Gutenberg Bible and Thomas Jefferson's personal collection."

Keeping up with the Jones's library: US Dept. of Education makes its public library peer comparison tool available online. [newsflashes]


Now this is a special library: "Access to the Library is limited to those who are able to climb the steep turret stair which is its only entrance"

Library and annual reports trivia, and answers.

[links today courtesy of my mom]


Librarian and skeleton. [large image]

2/20/1892: Democrats remove librarian from house of representatives library "his color and race connection are the causes"


Sometimes it's better not to know... question voyeur on Ask Jeeves. [rwisdom]

How many of you caught the hacked LoC website last month? [thanks David!]

Will it or will it not cost $28 million to fix the San Fran Public Library? The peeved public wants to know.

"Great Books can help you find out if life was always this weird", more people wank philosophic about the canon.


Black law students get their display after all. [lisnews]

How Ad*Access went about getting copyright permissions for their online archive.

Librarians take note! Female spy hides secret notes in hair bun.


Know anything about erotica in libraries? If so, AIP wants you.

I can't quite figure out Abika. Has anyone used it for downloading free books? Does it work?


A nice story about a librarian and a guy who highlights books.

Boy, I sure wouldn't mess with law students over freedom of speech issues... Law library puts the kibosh on Black History Month exhibit proposed by students.


Aren't you curious about the Dead Librarians Society?

Cute little free bibliography manager.

Grandpa, what's a library? [julia]

One more reason to be nice to your aging librarian.

Nothing like being wrongfully put in prison for 174 days to turn you into an activist.

Daniel Pinkwater is one of my favorite authors of all time.


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What price, progress? Wendi's house is going to be torn down to make way for a new library. Way to ingratiate yourself into the community, Seattle Public.

Great picture of Conan the Librarian with his hand on his wife's ass. Thanks for saving the library, Arnie!


David Bunn does card catalog art. I wish I was David Bunn

It's not just puppet shows... in Los Angeles they even have safe sex workshops in the library

Pitt librarians stand up for same sex benefits.

Article on England's libraries' plans for the future, from the new librarian web source LibraryHQ.


For my francophile readers: The Large Library of Quebec

Keep your library open later and maybe ... no one will come

Librarians staff the weirdest things.

Library sues over rights to Little House on the Prarie royalties.


The Library as Agency of Culture. Call for papers.

Those lucky Canadians can check out ebooks at the Richmond public library if they can pony up a credit card to use as collateral for the $700 deposit....

New Michigan state librarian

Silly article on a flood at Brigham Young University library: "a human wall made up of library employees and police was used to prevent students from going into the damaged areas"


Has anyone but me noticed that in those READ posters ALA puts out, the tag line in most of them is "Antonio Banderas for American Libraries" except the Muhammad Ali one which says "Muhammad Ali for Libraries Everywhere." I asked ALA about this and got this in response:

Dear Ms. West,

You are very observant (and persistant - thank you!). We changed the phrase to "... for Libraries Everywhere" only for Muhammad Ali, since we expected his appeal to extend outside the U.S., unlike many others in the ALA celebrity READ poster series. You may have noticed that there are a few other posters for whom the "Everywhere" phrase could have been used, if only we had invented it earlier. We may use it again if a celebrity is particularly well-known abroad. Some of the children's characters are also well-known outside the U.S. You may wish to consider some of them: Mickey Mouse and Star Wars, for example.

The Antonio Banderas one is even bi-lingual...

School Library Journal lists the 20th century's most significant books for children and young adults. What do you think? [popculturejunkmail]

Books Go to War. Armed services editions of paperback books for soliders. A fascinating online exhibit from UVA. [larkfarm]

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