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BROWN Books of mine, who never yet
Have caused me anguish or regret, --
Save when some fiend in human shape
Has set your tender sides agape,
Or soiled with some unmanly smear
The candour of your margin clear,
Or writ you with some phrase inane,
The bantling of an idle brain, --
I love you: and because must end
This commerce between friend and friend,
I do implore each kindly Fate --
To each and all I supplicate --
That you, whom I have loved so long,
May not be vended 'for a song'; --
That you, my dear desire and care,
May 'scape the common thoroughfare,
The dust, the eating rain, and all
The shame and squalor of the Stall.
Rather I trust your lot may touch
Some Croesus -- if there should be such --
To buy you, and that you may so
From Croesus unto Croesus go

- Henry Austin Dobson

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Mmmm, SUNY OPAC. [thanks jen ]

If you won't pay $30 for a cel phone, do you think you'll pay it for a library? [thanks jen ]

Consider yourself a Library Strategist? Explore Library Futures. At the very least, help them out by taking their questionnaire.

Ask a librarian, not Jeeves. Introducing The Collaborative Digital Reference Service. More pithy info available on MSNBC. [thanks rebecca ]

Linked in the Utne Reader [well, via Marylaine], I can die happy now.

Charming local editorial about bringing in the collection agencies to get unpaid fines.

Did you know that underpaid librarians are one facet of the Seattle newspaper strike?

Library slowly but surely wins a big donor over just by being librarians.


Not dead, just resting thanks. Normal updates resuming Wednesday.


Don't throw away that television just yet.

Man uses own library card to check out books then show librarians his genitals. [thanks rsarea]

The Librarian is Dead, predicting the demise of the profession already, two years ago.

"Have you ever been brought into a situation where board members won’t talk to employees?", LSSI -- a special firm, a subsidiary of the Follett textbook publishing company, brought in to manage Fargo library -- is asked.

I bring you, the snarky librarian.

What could drive someone to be so snarky? Maybe this? [thanks nikki and owen]

Seattle news: Amazon sells Ebooks using Microsoft Reader format. Please gag at this dopey PR lady "What's exciting for readers is that we are just scratching the surfac e today with the technology and the content, and the potential for both is amazing." Yarf.


Is viewing a history file of sites visted on a school computer a violation of students' rights? [NYT, thanks matt]

Independent libraries in Communist Cuba: "What is it that people cannot read? Go to the catalog and look it up."

Communist Manifesto reissued: "It's very chic and looks like something for the sybaritic classes"

How to choose what to digitize?

Don't let the rough exterior of the Hell's Librarians fool you, they love cats too!

Librarians love Pavement.

Distressed librarians lock themselves in book drops. Overworked clerks drive book trucks off cliffs. Pestered Pages attempt suicide by leaping off stacks of encyclopedias. (Fortunately, the new CD-ROM encyclopedias don't stack very high, so pages have, thus far, avoided major injury.) Before such horrible incidents occur in your library, we urge you to defuse the high tension through proper use of patron-based humor.


Ignore me. I can't stay away from such librariana as the "high-tech computer program which Answers all Reference Questions with Simple Click"

This one's old but good reading for a Monday: a long archived discussion about Will Manley's 1997 article "Are we free to talk honestly about intellectual freedom?"

Coming soon: The Shy Librarian. There's some stuff there now including 36 Public Library Mission Statements.

I found the above link from Library News which is off of LibDex which is Peter Scott's worldwide collection of library hom epages, web-based OPACs and other library affiliates.

special note

I'm shifting from the land of the threatening snow to the land of the everpresent rain this weekend. Spotty updates for 4-5 days as I adjust to the lack of light.


Yours truly writes a blurb-y article on progressive and radical librarians. Many apologies for anyone I didn't mention. 1000 words is not very much.


Happy Birthday! And many more!

If you have more French speakers in your library, do you buy more French books? Then do you get even more French speakers? [thanks iboy]

"Don't you think the advancement of education is a most important expenditure?" says French librarian Gerald Grunberg, a technical adviser on the [Bibliotheca Alexandrina]. Mmmmmmm Alexandria Library.... [ thanks jen]

Your Digital Millennium Copyright Act sucks, librarians tell Congress.

Why we need a Librarian as Librarian of Congress.

West VA Gazette encourages librarians to fight state mandated filtering. [thanks steve]

Meanwhile, the WVA Library Association honors the reporter who uncovered the plan to filter library computers. [thanks steve]

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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