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Epigram Proposed for the New Library

Something for all, Invention's myriad kinds;
egypt The silent banquet hall of moths and minds.

- by R. T. Kerlin

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Chris Dodge, everyone's favorite Street Librarian, will be a featured speaker at the WV Library Association conference in November. [thanks steve]

Reference question: does anyone know the source of that John Muir quote from 22sep?

Librarian becomes sex worker, can finally take vacation. [thanks susan]

Binghamton's central library closing and moving. Old Carnegie building up for grabs?

Banned Books, weak? [juice]


Welcome to Banned Books Week. Please leave your copy of Brave New World home from school. Love, the mgt. [thanks dizzycow]

I do get that ooky feeling when I see that ALA's sample letter that librarians can send to their newspapers has the first two word Harry Potter.

Is damn really still a curse word? [thanks nina]

I hear the librarianavengers site is nice, but on my machine, I just get a black page when I try to load it. [thanks katia]


Map slasher ignores John Muir's advice: "Handle a book as a bee does a flower, extract its sweetness but do not damage it." [thanks taylor]

"renew your library cards", it's an actor's strike.... [thanks brian]

Does anyone really need to still be told what Heather Has Two Mommies is about? Judge strikes down local law allowing petitioners to remove "objectionable" books. [thanks jen]

Virtual Library and Info Science job fair. Free. Post your resume on-line. Please don't forget the ever-excellent if you're looking. [thanks juanita]

McSweeney's: "Three of us are lawyers for the United Nations," one of them said, "The other two are a librarian at Columbia University and her friend Tracy. We are on the prowl for man-flesh!" [thanks celia]

What fun, find the fake author in the new Oxford Companion to English Literature. Thanks Margaret Drabble, my new folk hero. [libstuff]


Library Stuff goes live today, linkalicious!

Library roof leaks for 100 years.

Meanwhile, the Westfiled library is filled with mold.

Vote no elitist library bandwagon, say opponents of the new library bond.


Wired asks "Do you still need a library card"? [thanks beth]

Sorry librarians. [NYT, thanks karen]

Dewey Decimal Defeats Truman. This American Life looks at presidential libraries. [realaudio, thanks karen]

Spooky Dave Davis, gone at last. Says my anonymous correspondent "He's a scary piece of fruit, that's for sure"

Bookmobile 2000 Scares Commies, Promotes Literacy. [thanks scott]

Explore the gritty world of New York City street booksellers. [thanks steve]

The British have come out with a coin commemora ting public libraries. [thanks denise]

NYPL guild lets you in on what's up with librarians lobbying for higher pay. [thanks laura]

Blah blah library blah blah witchcraft bl ah blah Potter


Library cart drill team. [thanks karen]


A book locating/lending phenomenon known as the Dewey Decimal System -- enabling users to get access to copyrighted text materials for free -- has sent shockwaves through a panicked publishing industry.


Dave Davis, gone!

Hargrett Library Digital Archive has some lovely images in it.

"I've never thought of libraries as the armpits of the workplace." read more...

RIP Donald Gallup, Yale literary bibliographer.

Has everyone seen the library ghost cams but me? I think they're pretty splendid.

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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