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"Librarians hated me because of my compulsion to trace 'J. West' however faintly in every book that passed through my hands -- which was, roughly, the entire library"

- Jessamyn West

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Even though they don't have the one rare book I am looking for [The Long Lonely Leap] I still dig Bookfinder.

Marylaine is back with an article on censoring books kids love.

Weird things librarians can do with databases -- Howard Besser's library T-shirts.


The Laughing Librarian has been updating. Please check out:

[thanks Brian]

Don't want to use costly paper to print your bibliography? Put it on the web! [then you can always change it later]. [NYT reg reqd.]

Just read it: "Alex Bassa is one of the few people ever to be bodyslammed at a librarian convention."

I freaking hate these articles: "Libraries Entice Patrons With Espresso and Biscotti " You know, we don't just forbid drinking coffee in the library because we're uptight. You know that, don't you?


Hey, that's my book.

Scott Rettberg, of Books in Chains fame, has written an interesting essay on censorship and the small press.

The library song can now be listened to! [thanks Amy]

City library + university library = ... well, in California, just about anything. [thanks Celia]


A nice site for reviews and book news is at

Fargo library plans expansion even while current director is still being scrutinized.

Madras University participating in project to create a union catalog with five other Indian universities.

Emily Reed, spitfire librarian, RIP.

Rory has put together an annotated list of library weblogs in this week's Juice.

Also in the Juice: Karen Schneider kicks total ass, all the time. Yay!


Caption contest anyone? [thanks Janet!]


Radioactive documents found at National Archives facility. " ...researchers have been told to look out for anything suspicious... 'Most of these records are letters and reports in file folders. If you do see a packet of powder, it's pretty evident there is something unusual in there.' " [thanks Kristina!]

And the related death library at the National Center for Death Education. [thanks Sarah]


Please greet the newest members of the online library subculture: James and Matt's Library Underground.

special note

It's that time of year again where I head to the roads/skies for a while.... I'll be touching down in Vermont where I'll be spending the rest of the summer in 56k telecommuting bliss. Sporadic updates u ntil the 22nd or so, though I'll try my best. Keep those links coming!


Richard Brautigan's The Abortion is the best book ever written about a library. Here is an excerpt.

More fun reading: student fails to pass master's exam after adding 2 pages of "disacknowledgements". See his site also. [thanks Jen]

Submitted without further comment: Idea to use prisoners at library falls flat

Need a library re-roofed? Library reading room need a paint job? Get some prisoners, [Bibb County Comissioner] Allen said. The commissioners have prisoners working around the Courthouse all the time.

"We've got a lot of good people ... ," Allen began.

"In prison?" asked Charles Schmidt, regional library director. Schmidt ... emphatically stressed he didn't want any prisoners working in his libraries.

Later, Allen explained he didn't mean Bibb authorities were tossing good people in jail. What he meant, Allen said, was that sometimes skilled people - such as roofers and painters - commit nonviolent crimes.

Under the watchful eyes of prison guards, Allen said, they could be used for some menial tasks.

"Hey, it's free labor," he said.

Did you know that the Intellectual Freedo m Award from the Iowa Educational Media Association is given to "a media specialist who upholds his or her school district's selection and reconsideration policy when placement of a school library book is challenged"? It's all about following the rule s....


Why have controversial material in your library? [lisnews]

Librariana, a listserv for collectors of things librarian, is just getting started. [juice]

"I am the Very Model of Computerized Librarian..." with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan.


"Embattled" director returns to Fargo library after dubious medical leave.

But you know how it is working for employees who don't like having a boss.... [some of them have indicated they're just looking for a good director with no history of behavioral troubles]< P>
Clare Snowball: skateboarding anarchist librarian

Why you should fall to your knees and worship a librarian? Cuz they look hot as hell in these righteous t-shirts!

Nupedia has gotten their act together and are looking for [volunteer] subject specialists.


Please thank rarin' librarian Antony Brewerton for his excellent discussion of the librarian image in Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked: The making of a virtual librarian.

Pluggers have the most user friendly search engines. [thanks Mom!]

All reviews, no ads, it's Ralph magazine, The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities.

Library of Congress has a Bob Hope wing, Who knew?


Persistent access software for libraries: LOCKSS Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe [thanks Thaddeus!]

"Murder mysteries are popular with inmates, the librarian said" Ohio jail library gets money for more poetry.

Snow Falling on Cedars is too sexy for S. Kitsap.

I have this to say about the new Seattle Public Library. If it really were "the living room for the entire city" as the architect claims, there would be a 58 inch TV, non-stop struggles for the remote, and about 400 cats.


Librarians in The Onion! Area Man Way Too Into Local County History.

Library given piles of worthless books. Thanks, big business!

Wiseass assessment of JK Rowling's decision to let Harry Potter grow up.

Stressed-out librarians still subjected to bestiality and kiddie porn in Minnesota.

03may00 claims they: "...provide publishing and community services for authors. Xlibris provides authors with direct, personal and nearly immediate access to publication in hardback, trade paperback and electronic formats, while enabling authors to keep their rights to their work. The company's core publishing service is free"

New studies prove "the secret to boosting students' academic performance is right down the hall in the school library"

You've gotta be pretty nutty to name your indie band The Librarians.


More nutty bullshit in North Dakota: gag order issued.

I've heard of lapsed Catholics, but lapsed readers? Be prepared to Get Caught Reading as publishers try to sell you more books. Note to publishers: make sure web site is live before kicking off big promo capaign [deja vu anyone?] Second note: please make sure logo for literacy campaign is easy to read.

David Burt leaves Filtering Facts and moves to .... Seattle ?!

Want to get into MP3's but just can't stand Limp Bizkit? Look no further, here's MP3Lit!

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