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At Least They're Reading: literacy experts square off with educators about whether rewards for reading do any good

How can you not love bookmobiles?

San Antonio says it could care less that Filtering Facts claims they're dangerous. When questioned about the west-coast-heavy list, compiler and pseudo-scientist David Burt said "I think there are bad ones in the East and Midwest, I just haven't gotten to them yet"


You know, I would buy an ebook in a hot minute if I could get it loaded with reference texts and keyword indexed. Wouldn't you?

Good news! Information for Social Change now has full text articles online.

More good news. I am back from my trip, or back on the East Coast. I didn't go to any more libraries, though I tried to go to a few. More library visit updates in a few weeks when I start visiting the Teeny Libraries of Vermont.

Just in case you missed it, here's the 10 Most Unsafe Public Libraries for Children as reported by Dr. Laura and the filteringfacts folks. For the record, I have been to seven of these, three in the last two weeks. I could barely even get on the internet in Chicago, much less look at porno. Remind me to tell you the story of surfing for porn on the web with a trustee from Seattle Public Library sometime...


More libraries visited by the info junkie:


Libraries this ramblin' librarian has been to in the past week:

My next stops are St Louis, Ft Mitchell, KY, Athens OH, and off to the east coast. Any libraries I shouldn't miss?


viewer email: Organizing Computer Resources: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the DDC

Of course, there are librarians behind Weird Wisconsin


Here's some stuff to dig your teeth into while I'm gone:


What is it about people wanting to take their clothes off in the library?


I am 31 years old today. will be going into infrequent-update mode for a few weeks as I drive across the country to VT where I will be spending the rest of 1999 [with Internet access, never fear...]

Anyone who lives on or near I90/I94 in MT or ND can have the pleasure of my company next week...


Janet the tattooed librarian.


Hennen's American Public Library Rating Index online now!

Did you know that Dorthea Lange also took pictures of Japanese internment camps? Here's a few pictures of one of their libraries.

A page in the life of the Lipstick Librarian... ""if Madonna can get a Dixie-cup pattern tattooed all over her hands and be called a serious artist, I can certainly do librarian. And you know there's nothing in the world that screams 'serious' better than a librarian."


ResearchBuzz has a really nice page on how to find a human on the internet to ask your complicated reference questions.

Phil Agre is a rocket scientist super genius who speaks real people language. He has written two very good articles on helping people: The art of getting help and How to help someone use a computer

Reference librarian, ironwoman. [NYTimes reg. required]


Maybe you can be the next crazy person submitting words to the OED??

Card catalog art

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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