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"We must not confuse the thrill of acquiring or distributing information quickly with the more daunting task of converting it into knowledge and wisdom."

- the technorealists

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From the mailbag: "I am in D.C. and can report that LC is not currently on fire." [ thanks amylinda ]

Well, according to this article, it is almost on fire. Isn't idle speculation grand? [ thanks carol ]


It's sweeps week here at so here's a link to some gratuitous naked library patrons. [ thanks david ]

Weird news about LoC, is it on fire?

Coffee and "stainless juice" vendor sought for library. Where? The Pac NW, of course.


Iowa library renovated, then forced to move. [ thanks tim ]

Unions get involved with SFPL attempting to outsource writing and distributing collection/overdue notices. [ thanks andrea ]

Government mandated filtering software makes companies rich, not just through software sales, but selling data about kids' web habits. [ thanks robert ]

And in these troubled times where an unfiltered computer in a library can be seen as a public nuisance, what can you do? [ thanks lynsey ]

If Laura Bush can call herself a librarian when she hasn't been one for how long.... then so can I.

I am less than impressed with the Internet Content Rating Association's web site.


Ten best sites for librarians. Please note first link actually in the article is, author's comments nonwithstanding. [ thanks steve ]

I think this porn movie is taking place in a library, but I can't tell..... [ thanks juanita ]

This woman is my hero: Library Outgrows Woman's Garage

New Icelandic mobile library


Hey, we're up for an award! I think it's legit of me to ask you to vote.

Guess who used to be a librarian?

Big horking very slow book reading marathon. " At this pace, future club members should read the final question in 2010." [ thanks jen ]

Library in a mall. [ thanks beth ]

Freaky Friday made me what I am today, and now they're removing it from the library shelves of Hernando County schools. [ thanks victoria ]

Some more library weblogs & related tales that I'm reading: library paranoia, red-haired girl discusses the Caldecotts


Physician's Desk Reference, written by drug companies.

The image of librarians running around suing people amuses me. It's certainly generating a lot of discussion. [ thanks juanita ]

Laura Bush. Defender of books, women.... In that order, do you think?

Meanwhile, proving she's just working the stereotype, Bush also states "If anyone in the audience gets rowdy, I get to tell them to shut up" Ha freaking ha. What do you think her opinions on filtering are?

Bush's semi-lame choices for her authors event. "Plainly, Laura Bush appears to share the dangerous bias -- shared by many politicians -- that reading is primarily an activity for children. But what else should we expect from a woman whose husband's two favorite books are, by his own admission, the Bible and The Very Hungry Caterpillar? "


Book forager is kind of fun. [ thanks tami ]

What's next for Al Gore? Bookmobile driver for the Clinton library?

Yay, shaking the stacks with SPL's young adult librarian with a special plug for my fave punk library-loving band, Bloodhag! [ thanks sybil ]

Bloodhag's slogan is "The Faster You Go DEAF, the More Time You Have to READ" I am not joking.

Librarians rule, we know it! [ thanks jen ]

More that paper cuts - library workers injured on the job.


Newbery and Caldecott winners announced.

Here's an article on the selection process.

They apparently call you early in the morning to let you know you've won.

I seem to have found Women's Books Online just months after they quit publishing online.


Do we need libraries anymore? Yes, says Nancy Kranich (sounds like chronic, don't forget). [ thanks fred ]

I want to be a Friend of Meg's Shelves. [ booknotes ]

Women's porn library in Singapore, busted!

Baen Free Library.

And if you happen to be in London, check out The London Library -- over a million titles, subscription only. RIP.

Have I linked to the Drug Library yet? Well, maybe it's about time.

And thank to tiara for reminding me about my huge contribution to literature research: The Seven Basic Plots in Literature.


Make Me Proud: outgoing librarian needed to be a Vegas showgirl.


How to catalog your home library using a bar code scanner. [ thanks davidchess ]

LC Classification, available online for a trial run. Beta testing anyone? [ thanks rteeter ]

Get rid of that holiday debt, visit your library! [ thanks jen ]

Constant Reader first sentence quiz. No fair cheating in the library.


Hey, we were the site of the day yesterday.

Union organizers dress like librarians, blend in, pass it on. [ thanks julie ]

Book weeding in Philadelphia. On NPR. [ thanks chris ]

Been having some fun messing with the back issue finder....


Colonial Williamsburg is seeking a director of their library.

David Chess loves used book stores. is launched and actively opposing filtering.

Some New Hampshire librarians say filtering and free speech don't mix.

"The library must not be defined by the narrow sensibilities of its librarians" I love the Library Journal editorial page. [ thanks juanita ]

A report on culture jamming at the Library of Congress shindig for the "historic" Coca Cola contribution party... "Why are you using a public institution to promote a junk food product?" [ juice ]


Hi, I'm back! Details about my vacation are here.

A place for talking about literature. randomWalks books.

Yum! A bibliography of library cartoons. [ stuff ]

"Schools, at all levels, ought to be havens that protect books--and students' minds--from ignorance and censorship that seeks to stifle the pursuit of knowledge." Way to go, LA Times editorial!

Leave it to librarians to know when the real milennium is.

Librarian mantra: "Do your best even if nobody notices."

The High Tech and the Beautiful: Library Buildings, Digital Libraries, and the Future

I will get my Visor working just so I can download Information liberation: Challenging the corruptions of information power and read it on the bus....

"Since the expression "freedom of information" has been degraded, perhaps it is better to talk of "information liberation," which is the general project of using information to move toward a society free of domination. It doesn't make much sense to say that information itself is oppressed. Rather, information is often a means of domination of both humans and the environment. The goal is to make information into a tool for liberation."

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"

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