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Libraries this ramblin' librarian has been to in the past week:

My next stops are St Louis, Ft Mitchell, KY, Athens OH, and off to the east coast. Any libraries I shouldn't miss?


viewer email: Organizing Computer Resources: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the DDC

Of course, there are librarians behind Weird Wisconsin


Here's some stuff to dig your teeth into while I'm gone:


What is it about people wanting to take their clothes off in the library?


I am 31 years old today. will be going into infrequent-update mode for a few weeks as I drive across the country to VT where I will be spending the rest of 1999 [with Internet access, never fear...]

Anyone who lives on or near I90/I94 in MT or ND can have the pleasure of my company next week...


Janet the tattooed librarian.


Hennen's American Public Library Rating Index online now!

Did you know that Dorthea Lange also took pictures of Japanese internment camps? Here's a few pictures of one of their libraries.

A page in the life of the Lipstick Librarian... ""if Madonna can get a Dixie-cup pattern tattooed all over her hands and be called a serious artist, I can certainly do librarian. And you know there's nothing in the world that screams 'serious' better than a librarian."


ResearchBuzz has a really nice page on how to find a human on the internet to ask your complicated reference questions.

Phil Agre is a rocket scientist super genius who speaks real people language. He has written two very good articles on helping people: The art of getting help and How to help someone use a computer

Reference librarian, ironwoman. [NYTimes reg. required]


Maybe you can be the next crazy person submitting words to the OED??

Card catalog art


Two words: barbarian librarian

Ex Libris Guru Interview this week: Debbie Abilock, school librarian


If I were going to work in a bookmobile, I would at least want to drive it.


Here's how the press treated the study on the SF library [see libnet 8.16]

And the corresponding Library Journal editorial


September is Library Card Sign Up Month. Here's 50 ways to use your library card.

Having a book sale? Looking for a book sale? You need

Both of today's links from the exemplary Suburban Library System's What's GNU section.


A very nice looking set of pages outlining the fundamentals in socially responsible librarianship.

For the cat lovers [or cat non-lovers] among you.'s privacy policy.


Legal battle under way over transgender librarian

Reference junkies, get your head around this: it's an encyclopedia [of sorts], only every entry starts with the word panic...

While we're at it, how about a visual thesaurus? [java-heavy toy]


Clinton Scraps Library, Plans Presidential IHOP.

But how can I be a well-paid librarian at the Sydney Olympic games...? Check out The One Umbrella Infotech Recruiters


Have you heard the one about The Major and The Librarian?

Dr. Laura still freaking out about porno ... while in the same paper a day later, librarians say that porno is not a problem.

You all knew that Jorge Luis Borges was a librarian, right?


Is it censorship if the Navy refuses to sell a book in bookstores on military bases?

Have mercy! Every book Art Garfunkel has ever read since I was born.


Graphics for your web page?

[another smut

peddling librarian against hypocrites]

The library as a place where "people come together and do the unconscious work of being neighbors". A story of one man's push for a library for his small town.

Another cute little library -- 575 square feet in San Francisco.


I provide good service to people I like.

I also provide good service to people I dislike.

Because the Library is goodness.

More where this came from at Librarian's Lao Tzu. Check out the rest of One Librarian's Opinion, including the top ten reasons why the Internet still will not replace the public library.


Been meaning to get to this for a while... the more high tech among you could benefit from the Perl Toolkit for Libraries and associated mailing list Perl4Lib.

Loggy and librarian-y, it's the extremely digestable Rain Barrel maglog.


Guest link today from the Laughing Librarian:

Library has condom machines in restrooms* in 2 branches; a concerned parent who presumably never stops at gas stations during family car trips alerts Dr. Laura; no one else seems to care.

(*Instead of in the 613.94's or 616.951's.)


Five Reasons Amazon Can't have It All

Llama Llibrary


San Fran Public Library Post-Occupancy Evaluation Summary. Or "We have a new library and still no place to put all the books, what now?"

Private developers lay out funds for public library...

Very thorough copyright FAQ. And elsewhere, a quiz to see how much you know.


Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Ranganathan, happy birthday to you. [okay, it was really last week, but the guy is dead after all]

Ranganathan's five principles plus Line's five anti-library laws. My favorite: "the library is a growing mausoleum".

8.13.99 in the e-press: Guru Interview, Jessamyn West in Ex Libris.

a lifelong pursuit of "reasonable extrapolation.". Libraries feed the need of book addicts. Where? EBay!


Library and town battle over door placement of new library.


Following the model of to provide better library service? An article from Searcher magazine. And the follow-up article.


Links to free stuff for your library from your friends at Bowker


"Anyone want to pet the cockroach?" the librarian asked.

Librarian dream comic. [scroll down]


After all the hubub about the naming of Banned Books Week, AIP has come out with the appropriately named, and very interesting 1999 Almost Banned Book Awards Winners. More info at Library Juice [scroll to #14].

Do you believe, really truly believe, that something called the Intelligent Library System will make your jobs easier? Really?


Do we know Dewey? Does anyone?

Computerized Technology and Human Responsibility, FAQ. Go read this now. An excerpt:

43. Should we smash the intelligent machines around us?

Neither the uncritical, pro-technology stance nor the violently anti-technology stance is a matter of wakefulness. Mastering the machines in our lives is as different from smashing them as it is from yielding passively to them.


The seemingly definitive list of conferences you can go to internationally.

Can't go? Live vicariously through system librarian Eric Lease Morgan's travel logs. Excerpt from most recent trip "My trip to Worcester, MA was a logistical nightmare where I was misinformed by every institution involved and I have born an unncessary, $400, out-of-pocket expense."


More professional sports players letting down libraries.

"'In the catalogue ye go for men': evaluation criteria for information retrieval systems." Great article with a great title from Information Research

IR also maintains the incredibly useful but bizarrely formatted list of journals in the info research field that have free content on-line


Sure you can look at porn on our library computers.... but it will cost you $100.

Bookmobile, meet cybermobile.


In the eerily titled article "Cyberspace, Deviance, and Children", Terry Gudaitis posits that teaching children how to responsibly navigate the Internet is analogous to other socialization skills such as teaching them not to steal and how to say please and thank you.

While you're there, check out the rest of the cutely named Imp Magazine.


Books may actually cost more online than at local indie shops. Who sez? A local indie shop!


How did I miss revenge of the librarians? It begins: "I have a confession to make: I'm a librarian."

"putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993"