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Where do writers get all their facts?

The New York Times has a nice article about David Smith. His official job is “officially a supervising librarian in the Allen Room and the Wertheim Study at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street”…

New (YPL) favorite blog

Not super fleshed out, but how cool is it that one of our venerable library institutions has a blog outlining some of the new things they’re trying and evaluating what they’ve already been doing? Please subscribe, right now please, to…

Jay Datema’s got a brand new bag

While I’ll miss Jay Datema’s editorial insights over at Library Journal, I’m thrilled as hell to see that he’s going to be working with the whizkids over at NYPL now.

open records and open cataloging data

Keep in mind that while it is in the best interests of librarians to access to bibliographic records be as open as possible — to facilitate record-sharing, search and retrieval of items in a library and just our collective knowledgebase…

where does the money go, NYPL?

The president of NYPL makes over $800,000 a year even as NYPL is selling assets to raise needed funds and NYPL has some of the lowest starting salaries of any urban library system. For shame. [juice]