blog for the fans of Toronto Public Library

I went to the library, briefly, when I was in Toronto for Superconference. I was mildly surprised that they didn’t have wireless, but I enjoyed messing about in the stacks. Now Joe Clark has started a blog for Fans of Toronto Public Library with insider tips on how to use the library as well as an estimate of just how much money he saves going to the library instead of purchasing books from Amazon. Admit it, you love the library.

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  1. Parmenator-X
    06Mar09 at 11:07

    Typo: Fans of Tronoto Public Library

  2. 06Mar09 at 12:23


  3. Winston
    06Mar09 at 2:35

    Many TPL branches have wireless. (There are over 100 branches. They just haven’t got to them all yet)

  4. 06Mar09 at 3:47

    Yeah, the wifi rollout is dependent on a government grant. Many major branches and a surprising number of minor branches have wifi.

  5. 06Mar09 at 4:11

    YAY! Now far-flung far away fans of TPL who can’t actually go there, can worship from afar. They also have good Facebook presence, (as does Seattle PL, sort of).

  6. 01Apr09 at 7:41

    Catherine (aka ms scruss) is visiting all the libraries in Toronto. She’s hit seventy so far, and is blogging about it:

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