a lot of back and forth over S/M librarian losing her job

Once more with the librarian who was also an S/M dom, had a website, had her contract “not renewed” in the small town she worked in. Here’s an absolutely fascinating transcript of the board meeting where this issue was discussed. Of particular note is a defense of the librarian by her own sister. I’ve pulled some good bits for quotes but it’s really worth reading the whole thing.

“we have a lady … public domain with a website. Anybody could access it. So we have a lady who has gone public domain with her beliefs…. if sheís gone pubic already, why would she not go public in her workplace, in a place like a library. Thatís a trust issue that people are concerned with. If sheís gone public, and obviously she has, why would she stop at the workplace.

“Weíre trying to protect them from simple spankings and stuff like this, and yet these things are okay for adults? I canít stand the thought of it. I donít care if itís behind closed doors. If they think itís okay for them thatís fine, but I just canít stand the thought that you can sayÖitís a double standard. Itís just wrong.”

“Itís very easy to discriminate against something and somebody else when you can look at them, when you can see what theyíre doing. Thatís one reason Iím so tolerant. I donít give a ____ if she has these problems. I donít care if sheís put it out in the public. If youíre worried about your kids reading this, then you can look after them. Thatís what parents are really supposed to do. That is our job.”

“Itís not that I think it makes the woman a bad person. What anyone does privately is strictly their own – the fact that she made this a non-private issue by having a website. I donít think anyone here thinks this makes her a bad person, itís just how it affects the library.”

[thanks jason]