past entry 15sep

I fixed the link to Rachel’s accidental systems librarianship page. And look, she’s reviewed our book. Cotton classification system. Not to be confused with this cotton classification system. More on the Cotton Library and here.

past entry 12sep

I know you already know what a genius Rachel Singer Gordon is. She’s written a great piece on Systems Librarian Impostor Syndrome. For more on accidental systems librarianship, see this reference page. [ lisnews ] I’m trying to pick up…

past entry 11sep

Great letter to Adelphia in Library Juice. Have you seen their ads conflating their high-speed service with the library [only better, no card!]? I feel the same way about this stuff as I did about Google Answers. It’s fine to…

past entry 10sep

Hi, The job is great, thanks for asking. You can check out my library at the library website which at some point in the future, I will be redesigning. Still working on the move to ibiblio. You know, this whole…

past entry 08sep

Hi. The LiveJournal RSS feed is up and running again. You know, whether you do or do not like the librarian “action” figure, it’s still $9 for a hunk of plastic. Buy a book instead.