collaborative information systems redux - the blogosphere

collaborative vs individual

Think mailing lists, reading groups, professional organizations. next


bricks vs bits

Info seeking behavior, a lesson from library school. Then ... and now.

going to the library is more about getting facts, it's harder to get opinions/conventional wisdom. Why?



making it personal

Getting the facts is easier and easier, but how do you make the facts meaningful...?

Blogs good for personal and personalized info; group blogs +/-; online is better for getting a fuzzy feeling about a topic ... "the living web"



collaborative synergies

Newsweeks pioneered this in major media [to the best of my knowledge] with the CW index ... but whose opinions are these?

Collaborative information systems [formerly called collaborative filtering]



about berrypicking

  1. Query is constantly shifting
  2. As search continues, new ideas and directions emerge
  3. Value of the search is in bits and pieces picked up along the way


the where, there

salient points overall next


the google comparison

Google -> Daypop [and others popdex blogdex]
G. Directory ->
G. News -> newsblogs, daypop word burst
G. Images --> photoblogs, American Memory, community indexed photo archive



see also

So ... the very real threat isn't that people will stop going to the library and only use the internet.

The real "threat" to the library as an institution is that people will be using their CISes to investigate topics and ideas in much the same way information professionals can guide and inform and suggest.

This paradigm shift itself is what can be making libraries and librarians less relevant to their former jobs [and much more relevant as archivists and preservationists], through no fault of their own.

CISes can create knowledge and provide useful pointers to existing sources, but the sources still need to be there to be accessed.