Simmons panel (3/16/2018 14:00 - 17:00)

Time: 2-5pm, reception from 5pm-6pm
Format: Moderated panel discussion (3-4 participants, LS moderating); presentation by FSL; Q&A from audience; reception
Structure: 15 min. introduction by moderator, 15 min. opening remarks by panelists, 30 minute guided discussion; 45-60 min. presentation by FSL; 30 min. Q&A from audience for all speakers
Title: Cybertraps for Librarians
Description: Few institutions have been more directly or more thoroughly challenged by digital technology than libraries. From card catalogs to books themselves, the Internet is reshaping the modern library. In the process, libraries (and library staff) have been forced to contend with a wide range of complicated legal issues, ranging from public access to adult materials online to the privacy of patron borrowing records. At the same time, librarians must now be mindful of the personal risks that arise from their own use of the Internet. A panel of experts will discuss cutting-edge Internet legal issues for libraries, followed by a presentation by author and digital safety expert Frederick Lane on Cybertraps for Librarians.

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