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Show Your "Support" for CIPA

CIPA is the law of the land, at least until a successful challenge is mounted. ALA is already setting up meetings with filtering companies to discuss the "library market". Don't forget, however, what Justice Breyer said in his concurring opinion "... the Act allows libraries to permit any adult patron access to an 'overblocked' Web site; the patron need only ask a librarian to unblock the specific Web site or, alternatively, ask the librarian, 'Please disable the entire filter.'"

Let's help our patrons [and librarians, and library directors, and board members] know their rights, shall we?
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thanks to Bruce Jensen for the idea.

[Make Mine Unfiltered. You may not have asked for filters, but you can ask to have them removed. Talk to your librarian.]

[Make Mine Unfiltered. Adults have the legal right to ask for and receive unfiltered access to the Internet in their public library. Ask for yours today!]

[You Decide. This ocmputer is equipped with filtering software. If you are an adult and would like the software disabled, just ask. We would be happy to assist you. ]

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